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We love all of our clients at Color Vibe Salon, and we want to make sure everyone feels at home in our salon. That’s why we’ve set a few basic policies to make sure everyone who walks through our doors has an experience that leaves them wanting to return time and again. Take a quick read. If you have any questions, just let us know.

If you would like for your provider to wear a mask during your service, please contact them directly to request. Other providers are not required to wear a mask at that time.

We as salon professionals will always keep up with sanitation protocols to keep our clients and team safe. that will never change!

CHILDREN POLICY: We are a child friendly salon! However, we kindly ask that if you bring your child with you that they sit in the waiting area quietly. Please note, this is for liability purposes as the salon floor can be dangerous for children with sharp objects, chemicals and hot tools. This policy excludes children with scheduled appointments. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.


GUEST POLICY: Guests are welcomed, and we understand if you want extra company during your appointment. Although, we ask all guests to be mindful of our space and time to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience.


Continue to wash your hands.

Come to your appointment no earlier than 10 minutes before it starts.

Most importantly if you are sick or have any symptoms please stay home.

THANK YOU for all of your support. We appreciate all of you!

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