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I am a very passionate person! I love hard and like to create a positive and uplifting experience for anyone that I come across. Lately I have been taping into my spiritual side by learning how to stay more grounded. Nature, animals, crystals, hugs, counseling and hanging out with my little fam has been great for this! I have been involved in animal rescue and TNR for about 12 years now but have been more behind the scenes these days rather than boots on the ground. I am a huge fan of helping the underdogs in this world and truly thrive on helping others see the best in themselves. I LOVE for all of us to win!!

Shannon has been making the world a pretty place since 2002. She is down to earth yet a super honest person so she will always be ready to create the best you. Although Shannon is skilled in many areas her favorite things to create are:

First and foremost- HEALTHY HAIR! No matter what you do to your hair if it isn't healthy then it isn't going to matter what you do cut and color wise.

Honey/Sun Kissed/Warm/Natural Blondes (low maintenance color)


Grey Coverage/Blending

Rich Brunettes and Gorgeous Reds (it's all about that shine)

Short Textured Cuts

Long Layered Cuts with Body/Movement






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