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Join Our Team!

We are currently looking for a licensed and experienced stylist for chair rental!!



To inspire our providers and customers with a nurturing atmosphere, a culture of self-care and community so that they'll have a healthier connection that leads to inner and outer fulfillment.


A culture that is a collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make up the regular atmosphere in an environment. Where providers and clients align with the overall goals of the salon, while also considering the wellbeing of each individual.



We are kind and supportive.

We communicate with each other respectfully and make time for difficult conversations without being dismissive.

We hold each other accountable.

All of our core values are in alignment with the brand and each other. We share a grow together, non-competitive mindset. We are a team. Enter with the purest of intentions only.


We may be a team of independent professionals, but the common bond between us is our drive to succeed and our confidence in each other.

We have developed a very unique culture that allows us to each grow as an individual while championing each other and growing shoulder to shoulder.

We all choose to be honest, constructive team players and are looking for somebody who is looking for a salon family.

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