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About BELLA.

I’m a very outgoing person, and more described as “bubbly”! I love talking to my clients about anything, and everything under the sun!

Libra over here! My 21st is at the end of September!

I absolutely L O V E coffee! My typical go-to order is an iced caramel macchiato.


I’m spontaneous/adventurous and I love trying new things! That’s one of the reasons as to why I chose this industry. 

In my free time, I really enjoy fishing with my boyfriend Cody, finding cute little hole in the wall restaurants, and binge watching my favs on netflix!

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Bella started down this career path a little over a year ago at Elite Hair Academy. She knew this industry was meant for her ever since she was a little girl!! Bella was "that friend" who you could count on for hair and makeup. After graduating, she went through a 6-month internship at a salon in the Dayton area. Bella is a Troy native - born and raised - so she wanted to find the perfect fit to continue assisting closer to home and Color Vibe Salon felt authentic, wholesome, and personal. 


 So, you can find her assisting with the owner at Color Vibe Salon until we feel that she is ready to fully serve you!! She is determined to learn all the things and extremely motivated. Assisting will continue to prepare her to feel more confident, comfortable, and also allow her to run her own small business behind the chair!


(937) 522-5820



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