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We all know how great it feels to walk out of a hair salon and be satisfied with the service we received. Our highly trained team is here to tackle all your needs with a professional hair treatment, waxing or tinting that will leave you looking and feeling phenomenal. Pricing varies depending on preferred stylist.

Pricing Starting At:

Miracle Hair Treatment: $15

This in- salon treatment adds insane amounts of shine, helps repair color treated hair, and nourishes the hair. Bonus- it can be added at the shampoo bowl!!

Malibu Treatment: $20

Remove build up from hard water, swimmers head, and product build up.

Split End Treatment: $25

If you are looking to skip a haircut, or are trying to let your hair grow, this treatment would be recommended. It is a 15-minute treatment you can add to any other service that already includes a shampoo/blowdry.

Demi Permanent Hair Treatment: $40

THIS treatment is the first of its kind. The benefits it offers is mind blowing. •last 12 shampoos •takes 20 min under heat to process •quality of hair changes immediately •healthier, shiner hair plus refreshes color •helps build back the moisture and integrity of hair •has acids that penetrates through the cuticle

Eyebrow Wax: $12

The area in the middle of your brows, above the bridge of your nose reaching to the top of your upper brow. Plus, the start of both brows to their arches, and from your arches to the ends on your upper and lower brow line.

Lip Wax $8

Cupid's bow to both corners of your mouth.

Chin Wax: $8

From your lower lip to the edge of your chin underneath all the way to the beginning of your neck.

Eyebrow Tint: $15

A semi-permanent color applied from the start to the ends of your brows.

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